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Student emails are created within 24-48 hours after completing registration. Student emails are in the following format: firstname.lastname@lumenscholar.org. Default passwords are set as the student's birth date as an 8 digit number (mmddyyyy), for example: Birthday is January 4, 2019 = 01042019

Student emails are accessed for the first time by going to mail.google.com and clicking the "Sign In" button and logging in with the above email address and password


1. Go to mail.google.com and enter your email address and click next

2. Click the "Forgot Password" link

3. Follow the onscreen steps provided

Note: one of your previous passwords was your birthday (see format above)



When logging in on a desktop computer or laptop, Canvas works best using Chrome or Firefox browsers. Both browsers are free to download. You can access Canvas on your phone or tablet using a browser APP such as Safari or Chrome, or you can install the free Canvas APP on your mobile device. Not all Canvas features may be available on the APP.

When you start the APP for the first time you will need to enter our Canvas URL, which is https://lumenscholar.instructure.com


Every student has a Canvas account where they will access all of their courses. Students are added to Canvas by the school within 24 hours of receiving their Enrollment confirmation email. The student's username is their school email: firstname.lastname@lumenscholar.org (see "School Email" section above if needed).

To initially log in, please click the "Forgot Password?" link on the login page and enter the student's school email. The student will then get a link emailed to the school email address set their own password.


You will create a parent Canvas account to allow you to observe your student in Canvas. A student Canvas account must exist BEFORE a parent account may be requested. The first step is to create a parent account to obtain a pairing code from the student account. 

1. You must be logged in to a student's account to obtain the required pairing code (use the step in the Student Canvas Account Login section above if you are not logged in to your student's account)

2. Click on "Account" in the left hand corner of the screen

3. Click on "Settings"

4. Click on "Pair With Observer" in the bottom, right corner of the screen. A pairing code will be generated and displayed

5. Select and copy the code

6. Click "OK" 

7. Click HERE to create your parent account (the link is https://lumenscholar.instructure.com/login/canvas and is always available at the top of all website pages)

8. Click on the "Parent of a Canvas User?" icon at the top right of the page. A "Parents Signup" pop-up appears

9. Enter your name (parent's name)

10. Enter your email (enter main parent contact email)

11. Create a password and re-enter the password

12. Paste the pairing code you got from the section above

13. Click on the usage agreement box

14. Click "Start Participation". You will log in at the main Canvas login page from now on with the email address you used above


1. Obtain each of your student’s pairing codes (use the step in "Creating a Parent Account" section above to find and copy codes)

2. Log into your parent account

3. Click on “Account” in the left hand corner of the screen

4. Click on “Observing” 

5. Enter the first student’s pairing code into the box

6. Click the “+Student” 

Repeat for additional students by entering a new pairing code and follow the remaining steps


Once you are logged into Canvas you can update your profile and set your notification preferences. To update your profile picture, click the account icon in the upper left corner of the Canvas menu bar. Click on "Settings" in the pop-up menu, then click on the profile picture to update it. Don't forget to Save your profile.


Notification preferences allow users to select how and when they want to be notified when various events occur within the course

Please Note...Notification settings are applied to all courses a user is enrolled in

Student's account already have your school email address as a communication channel

To set your notification preferences, click "Notifications" on the left sidebar

You can hover your mouse over a course activity item to see a description of that notification

Hover over the notification type you want to change and choose immediate, daily, weekly, or none

If you want to receive notification as text messages on your phone, click on "+ Contact Method" on the right side of the screen


Go to www.lumenscholar.instructure.com/login/canvas

Click on "Forgot Password"

Enter email (either Student or parent)

Click on "Request Password"

Follow the step provided


PowerSchool provides parents, students and teachers with a tool to communicate regarding student performance, transcript information and grades

Parents will be able to utilize the following options in PowerSchool:

    - Update contact information, including emergency contact information

    - Verify demographics information

    - Check on course grades/transcripts and registered courses

    - Monitor your student's attendance in classes


Creating Your Parent/Guardian Account

1. Go the the POWERSCHOOL Website 

2. Click on the button labeled "Create Account"

3. Enter the parent/guardian account information Each account must have a unique email address and user name

4. Create a password of your choosing. You must have an access ID and access password for each student you'd like to add to your account. The ID and access password will be emailed to you during Orientation Week at the email address you provided during registration 

5. Enter the student's ID in the "Access ID" field

6. Enter the student's "Access Password". "Relationship" refers to your relationship to the student. Take note of the User Name and Password that you have just created. You will enter this information to log in to POWERSCHOOL once you click on "Enter"

7. Bookmark POWERSCHOOL for future reference

The PowerSchool link is also available above in green.


Students should enter their zoom classroom through Canvas. If for someone reason that isn't working, go to zoom.us and select, "Join a Meeting." Use the meeting ID listed in the Canvas course under MEETS to join the meeting.