Junior High School

Your child, our teacher.

Custom Education

Just for your child

We place an emphasis on discovering your child's unique needs in order to provide a tailored education just for them. 

We review every new student's prior knowledge and educational needs before learning begins. This allows teachers to cater instruction right from the beginning. 

Students who need extra help have the opportunity to receive additional support through targeted instruction.

Dynamic Instruction

Endless Possibilities

Students learn at home through a balance of hands-on material and live-interactive digital engagement tools. 

Class instruction is done online in small groups with a teacher leading the interactive instruction session daily for most courses. 

Our Junior High teachers recognize the various developmental milestones of this age group and celebrate and stretch each student to reach their full potential. 

Optional Experiences

We offer unique opportunities to learn & get to know other students outside of the virtual classroom.

Join one or all of them!

 Learning Labs

 Activity Experiences

 Socials & Service Opportunities

 Performing Arts & Sports     


Over a thousand and counting...

Ella, 9th

"We get to do really cool things for our labs."

Anthony, 7th

"I like my school because I have more time to play tennis and travel."

Emma, 7th

"I like how the teachers challenge me."

Ryker, 8

"The teachers at Lumen are awesome!"