Step 1

Open Enrollment

This is a time period set aside for new students to apply to the school. Current students are automatically enrolled for the next year unless they notify the School's Registrar in writing. Potential new students who apply after the deadline, will be placed on a wait list until a seat becomes available. 

2020-2021 Open Enrollment period is December 15-February 15.

Step 2

Student Selection Process & Disclosure

After the open enrollment period closes, a lottery will be conducted no later than March 1st of each year. The lottery will be conducted using a software application which randomly assigns each new student applicant a priority number as part of the selection process. This helps ensure the process is open and fair to all applicants. 


  1. Lumen Scholar Institute is a public charter school open to all Utah resident students.

  2. The school will consider all eligible students who submit a timely application.

  3. If the number of applications exceeds the capacity of a program, class, grade level, or the school, then students shall be selected on a random basis, except that the school may give preference to:

    • a student of a parent who is actively participated in the development of the school;

    • Siblings of students presently enrolled in the school;

    • a student of a parent who is employed by the school.

  4. The school does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, gender, ability, ethnicity, socio-economic status, proficiency in English, or national origin. Admissions, enrollment, and transfer procedures comply with Utah Code 53G-6-502(5) which governs such processes in the State of Utah. 

  5. The school does not charge tuition and only charges fees allowed by law.

  6. According to state law, parents will be required to sign an assurance stating that their student has only been admitted to one public school.

New Seats Available 2020-2021

Each grade will have a minimum of 15 seats available for new students in each grade, K-12. 

Step 3

Notification of Acceptance/Enrollment or Wait list

Parents are notified of acceptance or wait list status through the email listed on the original application. Parents of accepted students must then complete the enrollment process by the given deadline in order to maintain acceptance status. Missed deadlines require re-application to the school and forfeiture of previously awarded acceptance. 

Notification of Wait list
Students who receive wait list status through email will be notified if a seat becomes available for them. The wait list status changes daily and is dependent on multiple factors. Please check the system often to see your student's status. 

Step 4


Once all enrollment documentation has been submitted according to the established deadline, you will be approved to start the new student onboarding process.