A Premier Online Public Charter School For Grades K-12

Elementary School (k-5th)

Students in grades K-5th are taught by a grade-level teacher. In grades K-3rd, the parent and teacher are partners in delivering course instruction to students. Teachers in grades 4th-5th are responsible for delivering course instruction while parents assist in supporting the learning at home. 

All Elementary students have two courses in the school's online learning platform, Math and Integrated Studies. Integrated Studies includes Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, Fine Arts, PE, and Health.


Math courses are designed to challenge and engage students as they build skills to communicate mathematically. Curriculum is provided in print format, along with a variety of digital components. 

Integrated Studies

Our combined curriculum components assists students in acquiring important basic skills that enable them to be effective speakers and reflective writers. Novels are used for independent and guided story reading, comprehension activities, and written expression activities.