Learning Environment

Live Instruction

This is a good option for students who want regularly scheduled class times where they meet onsite or online.

Guided Instruction

Students who want to work autonomously and have a flexible schedule choose this option.

Supplemental Instruction

We support students with academic deficiencies by providing additional support through this option.

Advanced Instruction

Students may be challenged within their grade-level course with a faster pace of instruction and more difficult assignments or be moved to a higher level course.

Learning Labs

Some courses have learning labs associated with them, and alternative activities are available for distance students.

Activity Experiences

Students make connections between what they are learning and the real-world. Similar to traditional field-trips, Activity Experiences get students out into the world to experience education in a whole new way.

Math Courses

Students are assigned Math courses by ability level.

Outreach Conferences

Teachers meet with their students at least twice during the semester to discuss progress, acknowledge achievements and set goals for future progress.