Virtual Learning Environment

Live Instruction

Live, virtual instruction time with a professional teacher and classmates is scheduled throughout the week for most courses.

Guided Instruction

Some courses allow students to work autonomously and meet periodically with their classmates and teacher for live, virtual instruction.

Advanced Instruction

Students advanced in math, may be challenged within their grade-level course with a faster pace of instruction, more difficult assignments, or be moved to a higher level course.

Supplemental Instruction

We support students with academic deficiencies by providing additional support through small group instruction and tutoring in one of our virtual classrooms.

In-Person Learning Environment

Learning Labs

These are hands-on experiences that reinforce concepts taught in the virtual classroom. Some learning labs are taught in-person while others are conducted virtually.

Activity Experiences

Students make connections between what they are learning and the real-world. Similar to traditional field-trips, Activity Experiences get students out into the world to experience education in a whole new way.